Various works completed whilst studying my Costume Diploma at Ultimo TAFE and Adv. Dip. Live Production, Theatre & Events at Enmore Design Centre.


Woodland Nymph

Collaborating with my classmate Zjarie, we co-designed and created this woodland nymph costume for one of the dancers.



Research underpinnings from a particular period and create a costume inspired by that underwear as outerwear using the provided fabrics.



Research and choose an Edwardian bustle outfit to recreate using assigned fabrics.


Finnegan's Wake

Stop motion animation collaboration.

Working in a group of three we had to come up with an idea for a short submission suitable for children's programming. 
We collaboratively came up with the story of a fish who wanted to hug the moon.
I came up with initial concepts which were redrawn in our preferred style. I created and painted all the sculpy and plasticine pieces for Finnegan, participated in both shooting and animating the character and did all the editing of the footage.

Animation can be watched here:


Mayhem - Join the Fashion Revolution!

Third years at Enmore take on the task of event managing, building the set for, and running the annual costume and puppetry show. As well as being one of the two event managers for the show I helped construct the giant gasmask baby prop for the center of the set.


Graduation Exhibition

Proposed designs for graphic material for the end of year exhibition 'Through a Glass Darkly'.
The exhibition would take place in the lab where the monster from the third years short film 'Out of the Woods' was accidently created.

To create the sample year book I researched bookbinding, and hand sewed and bound the book myself.


Set Design & Model Making

The Love of Three Oranges
Mayhem set proposal
The Love of Don Perlimplin and Berlisa in the Garden
'Animal House' hypothetical cat reality show - white card model



Early workshopping for the third years show concept. Initially presented with a short list of title words we workshopped concepts and developed samples of accompanying graphic materials (poster, program, email blast and flyer) I started with the word 'Metamorphosis' which developed into "Evolve - A Revolutionary Fashion Extraveganza"